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A good credit history

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Q: Which of these makes it easier for a person to get a credit card?
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When are you in credit card debt?

A person is in credit card debt when they have charges on their credit card and can not pay them. A person can make charges on a credit card and make payments at a later date. When a person charges on their credit card, the charge is now a debt that must be paid.

do i need a home depot credit card?

No, you do not need a Home Depot credit card. Home Depot just offers that as an option, so that it makes it easier for you when you shop there, and it also gives you membership credits.

What is included in a credit card statement?

The credit card statement lists all of the purchases a person makes during the month using that card. It shows the total owed, interest owed, and details about the card and purchases.

Are credit card services important?

Now a days a credit card is involved in most transactions. It makes for managing money easier and allows for transactions to take place online, so being able to handle credit card services is becoming much more important.

How do you cancel your Credit Card Account?

First of all, you call the credit card company you are with and tell them you want to have your credit card cancelled, it doen't get any easier than that!!

How does the consolidation of credit card debts work?

Credit card consolidation works by putting all the debts from your credit card into one debt. This makes it easier to keep track of your debts and can often give a lower interest rate than having different debts for different cards.

What if person uses deceased persons credit cards?

The use of a deceased person's credit card would constitute credit card fraud. Unlawful use of a credit card is a criminal offense.

How do you know where the credit card number is on my credit card number?

This question makes no sense. The credit card number is printed on the card in raised numbers across the front.

Is a debit card another name for credit card?

No Debit card takes money straight away from bank account. Credit card makes a debt on card company, not your bank - then later the bank (or person) pays card company, plus interest sometimes.

Can you explain what "credit card services" are?

Credit card services are offered to take credit card as payments. These services are available on your phone, tablet, or computer, and make your business easier to do transactions.

Is unauthorised person liable to pay credit card bill if he has used someone else credit card with his consent?

Yes, unless the credit card holder told the person that it was a gift.

How can a person get a credit card with no income?

They can't ! A credit card is issued in recognition that the card-holder is able to repay any balance owing. If a person has no regular income - they are extremely unlikely to be granted a credit card !

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