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They were at the top of Virginia society.

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at the top

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Q: Which of the following statements is true because plantation owners owned the most land and slaves?
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Were plantation owners afraid that slaves were using instuments to celebrate when a slave escaped?

no. Because they had overseers and the plantation owners would usually check or guard the plantation.

Where did the plantation owners come from?

The plantation owners had very cheap labor

How were plantation owners affected by the Great Depression?

arent plantation owners farmers?

Why were the Seminoles such a threat to the southern plantation owners?

Because they had more power.

What did plantation owners live in?

Plantation Houses

Because plantation owners owned the most land and slaves?

Plantation owners were usually the most wealthy people in their area so they did tend to own the most land and slaves

Why did John Adams kill crispus attucks?

Was he involved in trying to stage the slave uprising against the plantation/slave owners?Following in the footsteps of Chris( the slave who organized the greatest revolt against the white plantation owners)

Why did southern plantation owners switch to slave labor?

Because they felt like it.

Who controlled the elected assemblies in the southern and why?

The plantation owners; because they were rich and powerful.

What were wives of plantation owners called?

plantation wives

What was the advantages of indentured servitude for plantation owners?

One advantage of having indentured servants for plantation owners was that they could increase their profit margin. The plantation owners had very cheap labor.

Why was the plantation owners were excited about the cotton gin?

Who was the plantation owner