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For which firearm?

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Q: Which major component group consists of the cartridge extractor and firing pin?
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Which major component group consists of the cartridge extractor ejector and firing pin?

Bolt and bolt carrier group

How can criminals be caught if they use a gun to murder someone?

Several different ways. Firing a gun leaves traces of evidence on your skin from the gunpowder and from the primer of the cartridge. Many guns leave markings on the bullet that are unique to that gun (like fingerprints) and the gun makes marks on the fired cartridge from the firing pin and the extractor.

Where do you get firing pin extractor for BPR 22 rimfire?

You need a gunsmith

What hits the primer of a cartridge and initiates firing the bullet?

Firing Pin

How bullets work?

A bullet is the part of a cartridge that is fired from the gun. A cartridge consists of a cartridge case, primer, powder, and the bullet. The primer is struck by the firing pin, and explodes. In doing so, it ignites the gunpowder. Rapidly burning powder produces a rapidly expanding gas. This pushes the bullet out of the barrel.

What is a gun bolt?

A bolt is one of the main components of a firearm - it's a part in loading the cartridge, firing (in conjunction with a firing pin), and ejecting the spent cartridge.

INENTIFY and explain thre parts of the firearm that leaves impressions on a cartridge case that constitute individual characteristics of the weapon?

There'll be either the hammer or firing pin.. for centrefire weapons, it's typically the firing pin, and it's normally the hammer on rimfire weapons. This is what impacts the primer, thus setting off the reaction which ultimately ignites the gunpowder. That leaves an impression. The big one, however, is the extractor. This is the mechanism which grabs the spent cartridge casing, and pulls it out of the chamber as the action is cycled. Then there's the ejector, which is the mechanism which actually removes the casing from the grip of the extractor, and ejects the spent casing.

Where do field strip a C-7 rifle?

Wherever you need to. If you're in a field environment, just don't take out the firing pin or extractor, for the sake of not wanting to lose that tiny extractor pin or the small cotter pin which holds the firing pin in place.

What is the purpose of a chamber in a firearm?

It holds the cartridge in place for firing.

What is the purpose of the chamber in a firearm?

It holds the cartridge in place for firing.

How can Distinctive markings of shells and cartridges be made?

firing pin , breech block, and extractor and ejector mechanism

For ceremony firing the firing party consists of not more than how many?