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cigarrette smoking is the worst thing to do to the body. Weed has no harmful effects at all.

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2010-11-24 07:34:51
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Q: Which is worse cigarette smoking or pot smoking?
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Who are the affected of cigarette smoking?

2nd hand smoke is worse then actually smoking the cigarette. the smoker will also get affected.

What is worse smoking pot or snorting cocaine?

Snorting cocaine is significantly worse than smoking marijuana. If you do your research smoking marijuana over the age of 25 causes very little harm.

Are inhaled and smoked different?

yes, but it depends, in cigarettes there is a tiny filter on the part you smoke into, so if you inhale cigarette some with out the cigarette it is actually worse than without the cigarette(unless you are talking about mouth cancer). With *pot* because it is made with out the filter i believe smoking would be worse yet, even if you don't inhales it or smoke it but you touch it, it is in your system, and it could do some junk to you.

What is worse cigarette tobacco or pipe tobacco?

if you are smoking it, pipe tobacco is worse, since there is no filter Also: My vote for the most harmfull would go to the one you inhale. Not that smoking a pipe is without it's own risks.

Is smoking a cigarette a physical or chemical change?

Smoking cigarette is a chemical process.

What type of cigarette is worse for you and haw can you get the most tar out of a cigarette?

None really. Weather your smoking lights to regulars they all have the same effect they just have different taste due to the filters. Stop smoking is the best thing for you and your loved ones

What can you smoke that does not mess up your lungs?

nothing, there is no such thing as a safe cigarette. Smoking drugs is even worse for your lungs plus its illegal

Why do you pass out from smoking pot?

ummm you dont pass out from smoking pot...

Does Cigarette smoking affect cholesterol?

Cigarette smoking lowers HDL cholesterol, as does malnutrition and obesity

Is secondhand smoking worse than smoking?

Yes secondhand or passive smoking is worse than smoking

Is smoking a cigarette while broken ribs bad?

smoking a cigarette is always bad it can give you cancer

Secondhand smoking worse than smoking?

Secondhand smoking means the passive smoking and passive smoking is worse even than smoking cigarettes.

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