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I like my open faced Sandwiches with gravy on them.

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Q: Which is the best SGI club for high launch on low on club face hits?
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What causes too much loft on golf shots for example a 6 iron shot with the loft of a 9 iron etc?

You must be opening the club face at impact or else you have the ball too far forward causing a launch that is too high.

What does HL means on Taylor made golf driver?

This means 'High Trajectory'. That is, a high launch angle.

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You must consider a number of factors. I'll use Tiger Woods as an example. His club head speed is around 125 mph, with a 10.25 degree driver producing a 7.96 launch angle with high spin. At 125mph the ball rides up the club face and continues to rise for about 220 yards before it peaks and begins to come down. The dimples on a golf ball also help it rise and fly so when hit comes up against air resistance it spins round and rises.

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