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There have been no confirmed effects on the brain caused by marijuana other than increased oxygen to both hemispheres. Also, the brain is covered in things called cannabinoid receptors. Cannabinoids are only found in marijuana and human breast milk.

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Q: Which is not an effect of frequent marijuana use on the brain?
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Does marijuana use increase dopamine in brain?

does marijuana use increase dopamine in the brain

What kind of brain damage can marijuana cause in your brain?

There hasn't been any respectable linkage between heavy marijuana use and brain damage.

Does long term use of marijuana damage your brain?

Yes, it can.

Can marijuana effect tachacarda?

can marijuana contribute to tachacarda minimal use for sleep only

How do you detect the use of marijuana if a frequent user is sober at the time?

You break down their door and search their house

Does marijuana cause decreased blood flow to the brain?

Longitudinal studies of adolescent marijuana users show that marijuana harms developing brains, with a difference in IQ of about 8 points between users and non-users of the drug. The studies also show that these IQ points are not recovered in adulthood after quitting. It isn't necessarily due to decreased blood flow, but the drug's effect on the developing brain (brains keep developing until age 25 or 26)

What organs are affected by use of marijuana?

Lungs, Heart, Brain, Liver, Kidneys no

What has caused worldwide restrictions on the use of marijuana?

This inebriating effect of marijuana use has fueled the controversy and led to restrictions that have surrounded marijuana use throughout history in many cultures and regions of the world.

Does marijuana damage the brain of first time users?

no. If you do not use it 34 times it does not damage your brain but it damages your hair.

Does marijuana use effect your spleen?

it affects it by, when it gets to your spleen, it exploses

Which of these is not a short-term effect of marijuana use?

decreased heart rat

Why is marjuana bad for you?

It depends on the way you use it, as well. In most cases, the hallucinations that one receives from the use of marijuana are caused by brain cells dying. Brain cells do not reproduce rapidly, so this does have a long-term effect if done consistently. If smoked, marijuana has the potential to cause lung cancer, although that potential is far less than that of cigarettes.

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