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All of them are affected! When you drink, you get stupid, you lose control of your emotions, and you can't sleep well.

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Q: Which is not affected by alcohol your IQ emotions or sleep?
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Is your Iq effected by alcohol?


Is EQ more important than IQ?

EQ is just as important as IQ and is probably more important in certain situations than IQ is. EQ is a persons emotional intelligence and how they handle and express emotions.

What IQ does a exceptional year 8 have?

If you mean grade 8, the average IQ is 90-120. To be considered intelligent, the IQ would be about 125 or above. Obviously, the higher an IQ the "higher the intelligence." IQ is not truly intelligence but more upbringing. To be incredibly smart, a 140 or above. To be considered a genius 175 or above. IQ is not affected by grade level.

What are the things that decrease or lower the IQ of a person?

Things that lower a person's IQ include but probably are not limited to smoking, drinking alcohol, and text messaging. I hope I was able to help!

What is reed Richards IQ?

his IQ is over 300, don't think they can actually put a number on it as it seems to keep expanding since his mind was affected along with his boy by the cosmic rays

Do Depression and anxiety in children effects their IQ?

Absolutely. A person's IQ score can be afffected by transitory emotional states in the same way that it can be affected by a poor night's sleep or a poor breakfast. It is well known that depression and anxiety can directly impact memory and concentration in a negative manner, not to mention other crucial learning variables including motivation, peristence, and interest.

What is considered a high IQ for a grade school student?

If I'm not mistaken, IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is not affected by age, although it is relative to age. 100 is considered the average I.Q. at any age, and 150 borderline genius.

Is the intelligence of a child affected by the size of the family?

Yes. The more children the lower the average IQ. This is probably a parental attention effect.

Is it possible to have a person's IQ diminish?

I think it is possible either from aging, or damage to the brain from traumatic injury or drug/alcohol abuse.

Does your IQ change?

The short answer is no. Your IQ is determined by your percentile rank on the test compared to others of your age (At least on a test for kids.) A six year old will never be compared to a twenty year old for how many questions they answer. They will be compared to other six year olds. There are a few circumstances, however, that can cause your IQ to change. Trauma to the head, senile dementia, and alzheimers could cause your IQ to drop significantly. Aging and lack of sleep may decrease your IQ, but the decrease isn't significant. It is very hard to raise your IQ significantly, but if you get proper food/sleep, eat foods that are good for your brain, stay healthy, and hang out with the smartest people you know, you can raise your IQ a few points. To get better IQ you must train yourself. there are some very good books (like Iq tests in 2 minutes) that should help you significantly. Take it from one who has tried and succeeded

If my full scale iq is 77, my memory IQ is 83, my verbal IQ is 9, And myspatial IQ is 102 What is my IQ?

Sorry verbal iQ is 96. not 9

What is an IQ and how is it IQ measrued?

Your IQ is your intelligence quotient. You can determine your IQ by taking a certain test. :)

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