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Oral Cancer.

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Q: Which is not a common long-term effect of excessive alcohol consumption?
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The most common condition disorder resulting from excessive alcohol consumption is or fatty liver.?

because the liver cant process it fast enough.

What causes high bilirubin can it be drink?

Cirrhosis may cause normal, moderately high or high levels of bilirubin, depending on exact features of the cirrhosis. Excessive consumption of alcohol is the most common cause of cirrhosis.

Can low platelets be caused by drinking too much alcohol?

People with liver disease, a common side effect of excessive alcohol consumption, develop an enlarged spleen. The spleen normally traps platelets. When it becomes enlarged, this may accelerate, and cause a low platelet count.

What noun is drink?

The noun 'drink' is a singular, common, concrete noun; a general word for a liquid suitable for consumption; an alcoholic beverage; a quantity of liquid swallowed; the habitual or excessive consumption of alcohol; a word for a thing.The word 'drink' is also a verb: drink, drinks, drinking, drank, drunk.

What city drinks the most alcohol?

Almost certainly São Paulo or Moscow, as they are the most populous of the cities where alcohol consumption is relatively common.

What are the all forms of accidental deaths that results in alcohol use?

The most common deaths caused by alcohol use is contacting upon road accidents while wandering in intoxicating moods. Cirrhosis of lever is the other fatal disease,caused due to excessive consumption of alcohol. While playing with fire or swimming in intoxicant state, driving are other forms of accidental deaths.

What are the most common reasons for male breast enlargement?

Male breast enlargement is caused by hormonal changes. They are most often caused by heavy consumption of alcohol and will often be reversible when alcohol intake is limited.

Why do you snor?

There are several reason as to why you snore. Snoring can be caused by allergies, the common cold or by alcohol consumption. Disorders of the mouth and sinuses can also contribute to snoring.

Conspicuous consumption was most common where?

Conspicuous consumption was most common in Northern cities.

How does alcohol affect platelets?

Moderate alcohol consumption reduces platelet aggregation (blood clots) that can be fatal.

What is chemical symbol for alcohol?

Alcohol itself is not an element so it has no single symbol. The characteristic of an alcohol is OH, i.e. oxygen (O) combined with hydrogen (H), so every molecule with a OH part in it you call an alcohol. E.g. ethanol the most common alcohol is ethane with instead of a H a OH part.There are many chemical forms of alcohol, but the most common which is used in drinks is ethyl alcohol C2H5OH.Methylated spirits is ethyl alcohol to which a small percentage of methyl alcohol (CH3OH) is added to poison it to discourage its consumption.

Apart from hepatitis-C what is the most common cause for cirrhosis?

Prolonged abusive consumption of alcohol has been know to cause cirrhosis of the liver as well as an array of other diseases.