Which is larger 30 gauge or 20 gauge?

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There is no "30 guage" firearm. The term Gauge is used to denote the diameter of a shotgun barrel- the smaller the number, the larger the barrel. Rifles and handguns are denoted in calibers- caliber being one inch, and expressed as decimal fractions in 1/100th of an inch. If you are trying to compare a 20 gauge shotgun to a .30 caliber rifle, the 20 guage is about .690 caliber, versus .308 caliber for the rifle. Shotgun is much gigger in this case.

But if there were a 30 gauge, the 20 gauge would be larger.

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2011-03-18 21:59:28
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Q: Which is larger 30 gauge or 20 gauge?
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What is difference between 20-gauge and 28-gauge?

20 gauge is larger

What is larger 12 gauge wire or 20 gauge wire?

12 Gauge is thicker then the 20 gauge.

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What is larger a 20 gauge or a 22 gauge?

Convert gauge to mil

What is the actual thickness of a 20-gauge or 30-gauge pool liner?

Gauge is the equivalent of a "mil" which is "thousandths" of an inch.Hence, a 20-gauge pool liner would be 20-mil which is 20 thousandths of an inch or 0.020" = 0.02 inches. A 30-gauge liner would be 30-mils or 0.03 inches....Answermost above ground pools are 20 mil and in ground liners are usually 30 mil

What is thicker 20 0r 18 gauge?

When it comes to the measurement gauge, the smaller the number the thicker or heavier the material.For instance:10 gauge steel is thicker than 18 gauge steel.A 5 gauge needle is much larger than a 10 gauge needle.A 12 gauge shotgun is larger than a 20 gauge.

What size wires for 30 amp circuit?

15 amp. =14 gauge 20 amp. =12 gauge 30 amp. =10 gauge dont forget you only get 80% of that

Is 18 gauge steel shelving heavry than 20 gauge steel shelving?

When referring to steel, the higher the gauge a steel is the thinner it will be. So 20 gauge steel is thinner than 18 gauge steel, which would suggest 18 gauge shelving is heavier than 20 gauge.The maximum gauge is 30.

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12 gauge wire is required to be protected with a 20 amp max breaker. 10 gauge is required for a 30 amp breaker.

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The question is confusing, but a 1 millimeter thickness will be between 19 and 20 gauge steel (specify the larger one - 19 gauge).

Is a 8 gauge more than a 12 shotgun?

Yes, it is larger, the smaller the gauge the larger the bore i.e. 3 gauge is larger in diameter than a 8 gauge or a 12 gauge.

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