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Depends on what you are saying;


  • On facebook there is a....
  • In facebook i have put.... :D
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2011-10-15 15:25:32
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2020-05-26 18:43:59

In facebook

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Q: Which is correct on Facebook or in Facebook?
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Which is correct to say on Facebook or in Facebook?

I think "on facebook" is right, for it's a website.

Is correct nice to see you on Facebook?

its nice to see you in the facebook

What is the correct way to list a Facebook address?

The correct way to list a Facebook address would be to have it in this format:

Why the name Facebook?

in the book we can note lots of matter so facebook is a correct website and it is used to chat in web cams also so thats y the facebook is the correct name for it

What is the correct age to join in facebook?


Who are online now on facebook?

Use correct grammar.

Is it correct to say ''have a look to my new page on facebook?

No, the preposition is incorrect. It should be, "Have a look at my new page on facebook."

How do you correct misspelled name on facebook?

First you go on the "Account" tab and then to "Account Settings" and then change your name thing...(:If this doesn't work then...make a new facebook? With the correct spelling of your name.

How do you get an actor's correct email?

sweethart you go on myspace !!!!!! and what if you don't have a myspace, but have a facebook?

How safe is Facebook for teenagers?

it is very safe if you use the correct security procedure!

What is the correct size for facebook profile picture?

It must be atleast 160x160 pixels.

What does tbt mean?

Truth be told is not the correct meaning on Facebook. On Facebook TBT means "throw back Thursday" and it is accompanied with photos of earlier times.

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