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I assume you mean the third Mega Man star force versions. It depends really. If you want speed go with black ace, if you want power go with red joker. i agree with him, everyone says the black ace is better because he looks cool.

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Black Ace... Idiot the black ace is gay. the red joker would kill him into a pulp.

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black ace

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Q: Which is better black ace or red joker?
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Which is better mega man man star force 3 red joker or black ace?

if you are a defense type then get red joker otherwise get bkack ace

Is megaman starforce 3 red joker better than megaman starfoce 3 black ace?

No Well....Actually, it depends on how your battle style is, if your a full-on offensive player, then yes black ace is better than red joker, but, if your a full-on defensive player, then red-joker will be your game of choice. Either way, they are both technically the same game, except for your choice of battle styles & separate powers for black ace & red-joker noise forms that is. Hope this helps on your decision between the 2 games, if you decide to buy one, or both if you choose. :)

What is the difference between mega man star force 3 black ace and mega man star force 3 red joker?

There are greater chances to get a certain chip in one game than another. For example, there is a 15% chance to get chip A and a 3% chance to get chip B in red joker and a 3% chance to get chip A and 15%chance to get chip B in black ace.

Mega man star force 3 red joker and black ace action replay codes?

Go to for all Action reply codes

Megaman starforce 3?

what do you mean...release date: June 30, 2009ultimate form:black ace,red joker

Is red better than black?

Yes black is better than red

How do you get Cygnus noise in Mega man Star force 3 Black ace?

According to most information I've seen, you can't. But on the megaman wikia, it says that a rare occurence may allow you to get a noise form from the other version (in this case, Cygnus noise from Red joker). I vaguely remember being given a chance to access cygnus noise when I played Black Ace though...

How many aces are in a deck of 52 cards?

There are four aces in a normal deck of 52 cards. Each suit (hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades) has its own ace, which would make a total of four.

The game ID for Megaman Starforce 3 Red Joker isn't working?

What do you mean by, it's not working? If you're talking about using Action Replay, are you sure you entered the Game ID for Red Joker correctly? If the Game ID doesn't match this exactly, then of course the codes won't work: CRRE-78B0FB0B. Make sure you are not using Black Ace's Game ID, which is: CRBE-7AE1AAEC.

How many red cards are in the average deck?

26. 13 hearts and 13 diamonds. Occasionally there may be a 27th if there is one "red joker" and one "black joker" as you may find in some decks.

Megaman starforce 3 black ace or red joker How do you get pegasus magic GX and leokingdom GX and dragon sky GX?

you need pure luck in a battle, 999.9 percent noise level its hard unless you hack, but i don't hack so...

What was the joker normal appearance?

The Joker's normal attire is a purple suit with a green tie . He has green hair and wears red , black , and white makeup ( war paint . )