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Which is better- Spaghetti or Pizza? The .40 cal has more energy, and appears to be a higher "stopping power" round than the 9mm Parabellum. The 9mm has less recoil, and the ammunition is (generally) less expensive. You will find folks that can argue BOTH sides of this questions.


The .40 is generally preferred in combat situtations as it is significantly more powerful and is not too much bigger.

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Q: Which is better 9mm or 40 caliber?
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What is the difference between 9mm and 40 caliber?

9mm = .355 40 cal = .40

Sig Sauer P223 40 Caliber?

No, 9mm

Can you use a 9mm bullet in a 40 caliber gun?


Bigger caliber .40 or 9mm?

The .40 is larger in diameter and (normally) has a heavier bullet.

Difference between a 9mm pistol and a .40 pistol?

The .40 caliber fires a larger, more powerful cartridge than the 9mm. which is about .35 caliber. Minor additional info: Many models of pistols that are available in 9mm or .40 are otherwise the same, except for caliber. For instance, a Glock 19 and a Glock 23 are the same exact guns, but the 19 is a 9mm and the 23 is a 40...the 23 holds 2 less rounds.

Can you use 9 mm caliber round for walther p99 40 sm?

No. 9mm and .40 are not interchangeable.

Can you shoot a 40 cal ammo out of a 9mm?

No. Only shoot the caliber printed on the barrel.

What is the caliber bullet?

Caliber is in reference to the diameter of the bullet. A .40 (which is what I have) is .40 inches in diameter. A .50 caliber is .50 inches in diameter (half an inch). So a caliber is the inches in diameter. Not including the 9mm which I cannot stand

What caliber is a 9mm?

9mm IS the caliber. If you mean what is it equivalent to, it is approximately the same as a .38.

What type of gun was Tupac shot with?

He got shot with a 9mm semi - automatic pistol

What is the difference between a browning hi power in 9mm and one in .40 cal?

The caliber for one.

What caliber is the caliber of a 9mm?

9 millimeter is the caliber. IMPROVING ANSWER: A "9mm" bullet is actually .355 or .356 of an inch in diameter. So the caliber is about .36, but nobody calls it that because it would be confusing. Everybody calls it a 9mm and if somebody asks you what "caliber" that pistol is, you can answer "It's a 9mm" without having to add or explain anything. further improve: 9mm is the correct answer. you can find the caliber by measuring the diameter of the bullet. translate to millimeters or inches and that's the caliber. 9mm is a 9mm caliber not "around .36"