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Fruit of the Loom brand of girls underwear is the most soft and tight fitting for 12 year old boys.

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Q: Which girls underwear is the most soft and tight fitting for 12 year old boys?
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What does a girl's underwear look like?

Girls and boys underwear are very similar, except that girls' underwear does not contain the open seams that allow boys to urinate without lowering their briefs. Girls' underwear is often lighter, thinner, and smoother.

What sexually arouses teenage boys and what turns them on?

Girl's cleavage, girls in tight fitting clothes, and the chance they can have sex. ANSWER Most anything be it natural or man-made

What is the difference between girls underwear and boys underwear?

Boys' underwear has space for the genitals. Girls' underwear does not.With boxers, the difference isn't so important, because there is plenty of room.Also, most mens underwear have flys so they can take their penis out easier when going to the bathroom

Should 10 year old boys wear girls underwear?

If they wish.

Should 12 year old girls be only in underwear around boys?


How long does it take for a boy to get used to wearing girls underwear?

It is hard for boys to get used to wearing girl's underwear because of their design.

How do you increase your chances of having a girl?

girls are actually easier to conceive than boys. girl sperm are generally stronger. sperm counts lessen in men with heat, so tight underwear for men, position; woman on top,

What are some reasons that boys wear boxers?

Boys wear boxers because that's their underwear. Just like girls wear knickers, boys wear boxers.

What type of underwear do girls think boys look sexy in?

Something that fits snugly, is not baggy and is not too revealing.

Girls have their period what do boys have?

they have wet when they wake up their underwear is wet..look it up

What do boys like girls wearing?

Boys like girls wearing tight tops and mini skirts or shorts- boys like girls showing off their figure

Why do boys want to see girls underwear?

they dont really want to see the underwear they actually want to see the part trough the girl's underwear because they are feeling in a sexual mood,craving one thing:sex