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Holiday Inn was the first.

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Q: Which film features the song Im dreaming of a White Christmas?
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Im dreaming of a White Christmas?

So am I! The song was by Bing Crosby and it first appeared in the film: 'The Holiday Inn.'

Was white Christmas color or black and white?

The 1954 film "White Christmas" was shot in color and VistaVision.

What film format is used in the film White Christmas?


What is the duration of Dreaming Out Loud film?

The duration of Dreaming Out Loud - film - is 1.35 hours.

Which Christmas film has been shown more than any other?

White Christmas

Who sang White Christmas in the film holiday inn?

Bing Crosby. Come On, it is almost an alternate title ( White Christmas).

What film was White Christmas sung in?

'Holiday Inn ' in 1942 .

What film in 1942 had White Christmas performed in it?

Holiday Inn

When was Dreaming Out Loud - film - created?

Dreaming Out Loud - film - was created on 1940-09-30.

What film was 'White Christmas' In?

"White Christmas" was filmed at Paramount studios in Hollywood.

What is name of the Christmas film where one actor stars as lots of santas Claus' It's a black and white film I think or at least very old - possibly Bing Crosby?

white Christmas

Who started the film White Christmas?

I'm guessing Irving Berlin