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Q: Which fallacy occurs when there is an error in inductive or deductive reasoning?
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What is a fallacy of syllogism Non sequitur personal attack division or argument from the negative?

A fallacy of syllogism occurs when a conclusion is drawn that does not logically follow from the premises. It is a form of flawed reasoning where the conclusion does not directly relate to the premises provided.

Cells come from pre-existing cells cells pass genetic information as DNA via reproduction DNA carries the blueprint for life changes in the blueprint lead to changes in living things therefore mos?

Cells come from pre-existing cells through the process of cell division. Genetic information is passed on as DNA during reproduction, carrying the blueprint for life encoded in genes. Changes in the DNA sequence can result in variations and adaptations in living organisms over time through the process of evolution.

What is a rationalization fallacy?

A rationalization fallacy occurs when someone tries to justify or defend a belief or action that is irrational or problematic by making up excuses or reasons that are not based on logic or evidence. It involves distorting facts or using faulty reasoning to make something seem more acceptable than it actually is.

A logical fallacy occurs when a person?

makes a mistake in reasoning that results in a flawed argument.

A logical fallacy is an argument in which the resons or arguments given for the conclusion support it?

Actually, a logical fallacy is a flaw in reasoning that makes an argument invalid, unsound, or weak. It occurs when there is a mistake in the logic being used to reach a conclusion. Common examples include ad hominem attacks, straw man arguments, and appeals to emotion.

Can you give example of fallacy of redundant definition?

The fallacy of redundant definition occurs when a definition includes unnecessary repetition or circular reasoning. For example, defining a "bachelor" as an "unmarried man" is redundant because the term "bachelor" already implies being unmarried. This fallacy adds no new information to the definition.

What is a false-causality fallacy?

A false-causality fallacy occurs when a causal relationship is incorrectly assumed between two events or variables without sufficient evidence to support this connection. This fallacy can lead to mistaken conclusions or faulty reasoning due to a misunderstanding of the true causes at play. It is important to carefully evaluate the evidence and logic behind any claimed causal relationships to avoid falling into this fallacy.

what is either?

An either/or fallacy occurs when a speaker makes a claim (usually a premise in an otherwise valid deductive argument) that presents an artificial range of choices. For instance, he may suggest that there are only two choices possible, when three or more really exist. Those who use an either/or fallacy try to force their audience to accept a conclusion by presenting only two possible options, one of which is clearly more desirable.

Which fallacy was identified in the excerpt about Sam the surfer?

The fallacy identified in the excerpt about Sam the surfer is the hasty generalization fallacy. This fallacy occurs when a conclusion is drawn from insufficient evidence, in this case assuming all surfers are careless based on one individual's behavior.

What is either-or fallacy?

An either-or fallacy is a false dilemma that presents only two options or outcomes when more exist. It suggests that there are no other possibilities besides the two extremes presented, oversimplifying the situation and limiting potential solutions or perspectives.

Inductive reasoning examples?

Inductive reasoning occurs when after noting several observations, one can propose a rule governing the situation. For example, a student notices that 1 times 13 = 13 and 1 times 14 = 14 and 1times 15 = 15. The student concludes that 1 times any number will be the same number. Or as another example, a student notices that for the past 3 Fridays, his math teacher gives a quiz. Today is Friday and the student thinks, 'I bet we have a quiz in math class today.'

What type of fallacy is this?

The fallacy in question is an appeal to ignorance, where a lack of evidence is used to support a claim. This fallacy occurs when someone argues that a statement is true simply because it has not been proven false, or vice versa.