Which do you prefer

Updated: 9/27/2023
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i honestly perfer the simple crappy sounds of Hannah Montana's voice. you?

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Q: Which do you prefer
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What present tense of word to prefer?

I prefer you prefer he prefers she prefers it prefers we prefer you prefer they prefer

You prefer cotton they prefer cotton?

we all prefer cotton

What is the simple present of prefer?

The simple present of "prefer" is "prefer." For example, "I prefer coffee over tea."

Which site do you prefer?

I prefer WikiAnswers

Do you prefer travelling by train or travelling by air?

Some prefer air and others prefer train. Personally, I prefer air.

How do you rewrite this as one sentence We prefer cotton They prefer cotton?

We all prefer cotton.

How many people prefer freestyle swimming?

Many people prefer freestyle. They prefer it because it is efficient. They also prefer it because it it is fast.

Do you prefer llamas or alpacas?

I prefer llamas!! :)

What do you prefer vaping or smoking?

I prefer vaping

Do mini horses prefer carrots or grass?

they prefer both but usually would prefer grass

Which is right you prefer sprite than limca or you prefer sprite to limca?

you prefer sprite to limca

Do gay guys prefer cut or uncut?

Some prefer cut and some prefer uncut.