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Poland i think though i may be wrong

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Q: Which country hosts the world screaming championship?
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What country hosted the 2011 World Men's Handball Championship?

The 2011 World Men's Handball Championship was hosted by Sweden.

Which country hosts 2010 World Cup?

The 2010 world cup will be held in South Africa.

When Pakistan has won world snooker championship?

Pakistan has never won the world snooker championship and neither has any player from that country.

When was the first World Cross Country championship held?


What country won the 2011 World Men's Handball Championship?

France won the 2011 World Men's Handball Championship. This is their fourth title.

What Wisconsin city hosts the world snowmobile racing championship every January?

Eagle River WI,iat the eagle river derby track

What country is holding the world cup this year?

Italy are the holders, South Africa are the hosts.

Which country won the very first soccer world cup?

Uruguay, as they were also hosts.

Which country that won world under 21 netball championship 2009?

the answer is c.o.williams netball team won the under-21 world netball championship.

What country was world championship ice skater jayne torville from?


Which country won the World Ice Hockey Championship 2012?


What country was the person from that won the Formula One World Championship in 1953?

Alberto Ascari who won the championship that year was born in Italy