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cat dog hog mog and lion

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Q: Which compromise the delegates who wanted slavery agreed to?
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Which compromise did the the delegates who wanted slavery agree to?

cat dog hog mog and lion

What did the delegates do to vote on slavery?

Once the delegates starting discussingpopulation, the issue of slavery came up. Should enslaved people be counted in a state's population? Many Northern state's wanted to end slavery. Most southern state's, which had many slaves' wanted slavery to continue. Finally a compromise was reached. Every five slaves , or people " bound to service," would be counted as three. In addition, the delegates agreed to end slave with other countries in 1808.

What are the two things that all the delegates agreed they wanted in the constitution?

peace and freedom

What is the difference between how southern delegates wanted slaves to be counted and the three-fifths compromise?


Where did the Compromise Of 1850 Decided Whether They Wanted Slavery?

utah and mexico

Why do you think the north and south were not able to reach a compromise over slavery in 1861?

Because the north and the south wanted differnt things south wanted slavery, but the north wanted freedom.

Why did delegates agree to allow the International slave trade to continue for another 20 years?

bc the southern states' economies needed the slave trade, and many southern delegates said they'd leave the Union if the constitution immediately ended the trade. =D

Who wanted slavery to continue?

The people of the southern America wanted the slavery to contending Abraham Lincoln won the civil war. the south agreed to free the slaves

Did the Missouri Compromise increase unity or division?

The Missouri Compromise was a temporary band aid on the problem of slavery. Many in the South wanted slavery and many in the North did not. It made more people unhappy.

The compromise of 1850 allowed people in where to decide weather they wanted slavery?

Utah and New Mexico

How would the opinions of delegates to the second continental congress be best characterized?

All delegates rejected Parliament's authority to tax colonies, but only a few actually wanted independence.

What made The Missouri Compromise important?

Conflict between slave owners and people who wanted slavery to end