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There are many companies that offer great deals on cordless phones. According to consumer reports, the following companies, offer the best deals and the best quality phones: AT&T, Motorola, Uniden, GE, Panasonic, and VTech. Clarity, offers cordless phones for visually and hearing impaired people.

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Panasonic make cordless phones for the house. They make several models and they are generally well reviewed. Philips also make cordless phones for the home.

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Q: Which companies make cordless phones for the house?
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Which companies make cordless shavers?

There are several companies that make cordless shavers, such as Braun. Other companies include Philips which makes several different cordless shavers.

What companies make ATandT cell phones?

Many of the companies that make cell phones for other companies also make cell phones for AT&T. These manufactures include LG, Samsung, and Microsoft.

Similarities of cell phone and landline phones?

The both make calls, both can have voicemail, call forwarding, and some other features. If you have a cordless land line phone, then they are both cordless.

Is the Panasonic 2 line cordless phone one of the best phones available?

Panasonic make a number of different two-line cordless telephones. In general, however, Panasonic phones are noted for their clarity and long life, with most models usually receiving great reviews.

what does a cordless phones mean?

A cordless telephone has a handset that is powered by a rechargeable battery and transmits with an antenna rather than a chord. This allows the user to carry the telephone with them to make and receive calls anywhere in their home.

What are the benefits of v tech phones?

I think that V Tech phones are beneficial for many different reasons. It's so much easier to keep a conversation going with a V Tech phone because you can move around your house as you talk on one. Cordless phones make it easier to multitask. You can do household chores as you communicate with your friend.

What companies buy back old cell phones?

Companies that buy back old cell phones are ones that can then use the old phones to be used for scrap to make new and better phones for users. The companies that actually do this and buy the old phones include SellCell and USell.

What are the best cordless phones available?

According to consumer research, Panasonic has cordless phones for the office with excellent reviews on reliability and that offer at least two hands free phones with options for more. Some AT&T phones scored high performance points for having a good range and supporting up to 12 handsets.

What is a reputable multi line cordless phone?

AT&T and Panasonic both make excellent multi line cordless phones. The AT&T LT88102 may be just what you're looking for. It has a great set of features for a relatively low price.

What stores offer headsets for cordless phones?

For a good selection of wireless headsets, try shopping at local electronics, office, or department stores with good electronic departments. A few examples of these might be places like Best Buy, Radio Shack, Staples, or Sears. Alternatively, online retailers probably have a bigger selection of wireless headsets but ordering from them has the drawback of having to wait for the items to be delivered.

What exactly are VTech batteries?

They are batteries made by the maker, Vtech. The batteries are meant to go specifically with products that they make, such as cordless phones and other items.

What companies make quad band mobile phones?

Large international companies like Apple and Nokia usually sell quad band mobile phones, because quad band mobile phones can be used everywhere in the world.