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Q: Which colonial regions had large plantation and used slaves?
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Contrast the rice and cotton plantation slaves and their work?

Cotton production depended on large plantations, with much more acreage and also more slaves than was typical of plantations in the Chesapeake states like rice production.

What size farm or plantation did a typical slave live in?

A slave from back then had nearly any land what so ever. Slaves never had farms also because they were listed into the category of the lower or lowest class. Occasionally slaves did have large plantations or farms because they were bought by wealthy people or nobleman in the highest class that had large houses and many slaves. black people owned slaves too

Why did large plantation owners controlled the south?


How was life different for plantation slaves city slaves and free blacks in the south?

Plantation slaves in the South were generally agricultural workers, and few owners had more than two dozen slaves. On a typical plantation, some slaves would be involved in domestic chores. This often gave them better quarters and better treatment, but exposed them to close scrutiny and often abuse. Overseers would enforce work and discipline by cruel and violent means. City slaves, either domestics or tradesmen, participated in the economies of the urban areas, and represented up to a fifth of the population in some large Antebellum cities. They were generally better treated and housed, and many were given training as artisans or tradesmen. Free blacks, while nominally citizens of their respective localities, were commonly treated with disrespect and scorn under the Black Codes of the slave South. Some free blacks also owned slaves themselves, and were in any case too few to impact the treatment of fellow blacks under the system of human bondage. Anyone, black or white, who helped slaves avoid recapture or punishment faced severe criminal penalties or death. Freed blacks, who included many mixed-race children of plantation owners, were as a group better educated than any slaves.

Where did many slaves work in the south?

Many slaves in the south worked on large plantations

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What is the name given to a very large farm where many slaves worked?


What did Andrew Jackson do about the slaves?

Andrew Jackson had an affair on his wife with one of his African American slaves

A typical large plantation in the chesapeake region was home to a wealthy family and skilled workersalong with?

Slaves and overseers

Large plantation owners sought to keep slaves working hard by hiring?


What typical large plantation in the Chesapeake region was home to a wealthy family and skilled workers along with?

Slaves and overseers

Characteristics of plantation slavery?

A plantation was a large piece of land with a big house, slave quarters and fields of crops. The slaves were made to tend the crops and do all of the hard labor around the plantation.

What was the difference between small plantations and large plantations during the US Civil War?

An owner of a large plantation owned 50 or more slaves and over 1,000 acres of land. An owner of a small plantation owned from 20 to 40 slaves and 100 to 1,000 acres of land.

A typical large plantation in the Chesapeake region was home to a wealthy family and skilled workers along?

Slaves and overseers

Why are there so many slaves needed at a plantation?

Large farms that have labor intensive crops, or large amounts of land required large work forces. Slaves were bought to work on large plantations as a sort of free form of labour for the slave owners.

Did George Washington have slaves and were they black?

Yes he did have slaves, but he freed them in his will when he died. ANd of course they were black

What is a large farm with 20 or more slaves?

A large farm with 20 or more slaves is usually called a plantation. This term hasn't been regularly used, however, since the abolition of slavery in the United States and elsewhere.

How many slaves did Zachary Taylor have?

Zachary Taylor was a good general, and an expert farmer. At the time of the Mexican War in 1846, he owned a large plantation in Louisiana with over 200 slaves.