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The navel.

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Q: Which area of the abdomen is commonly known as the belly button?
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Which area is abdomen is commonly known as the belly button?

The navel.

What is the real name for a belly button?

Clinically, the belly button is known as the umbilicus. It is also known as the navel.

What regions of the abdomen is the navel located?

navel=depression in front of belly left by the remains of the umbilical cord-commonly known as your belly button. Naval=to do with ships/navy >> The Umbilical Region :)

How do you spell navel?

navel...or better known as belly button.

What is a navel peircing?

This means you are piercing your navel .. navel is the phrase for the area above the actual belly button** ( **other wise known as the umbilical knot)

What does the tattoo under your belly button symbolize?

There really is no symbolic meaning to a tattoo under the belly button. In order to determine the symbolism, the kind of tattoo and design must be known.

What is the biggest belly button?

Mr. Orlando has a measured 3 ft. wide and 7 ft. deep belly button. He has been known to be able to fit 37 twinkies and 23 foot long hot dogs in his belly button. three humans, 2 dogs. 7 birds , and 38 chimps have gotten lost in his belly button.

Is the umbilical region near the ribs?

The umbilicus region is commonly known as the "belly button."Umbilicus can also refer to a depression at the center of the spiral of an animal's shell, or to the hole that runs down the shaft of a feather.

What is it called when babies have an enlarged belly button?

Its known as a a doctors visit

Worlds largest belly button?

Steven Hehr - His belly button has been known to hold upward of 1.50 in quarters. In his youth, while lounging in a pool, he would fill his belly button with water and use it as an ash tray. This was before his belly button expanded to it's freakishly large size as can be seen today. If you ever wish to see his naval, all you need to do is ask. He relishes in the attention he gets from his gargantuan crater of a belly button.

What are some of the less known pregnancy symptoms?

There are a number of symptoms of pregnancy which are lesser known. One symptom known as the linea nigra is a dark line which extends from the woman's belly button to her lower abdomen. Additionally, a pregnant woman may also experience something known as the "mask of pregnancy". The mask of pregnancy is when the pregnant woman's face becomes darker in some areas.

What was Leadbelly most commonly known for?

Lead Belly was most commonly known for his career as a blues musician. His full name was Huddie William Leadbetter and he began his music career in the year 1936.