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You have to find another gun that has different parts broken or have a talented gunsmith make them.

Try Numrich gun parts or Jack First Parts.

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Q: Where would you find parts for the Forehand and Wadsworth 38 cal?
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Where do you find parts for a Forehand and Wadsworth double action no 32 pat July 24 1877?

They began making guns in 1871, name changed to Forehand Arms in 1890, and company was sold in about 1901. Any parts available would be salvalged from other guns, or hand made by a true gunsmith. A LIMITED amount of parts for SOME guns may be available from Numrich. Check their website undergunpartscorp. Sorry-

Where can I confirm caliber and find value of a Forehand and Wadsworth double action break over maybe 32 SW Long SN 295188?

A good gunsmith can help determine caliber. For value, check what they have been selling for on the various auction sites. Value depends on condition, accessories, etc., and can vary by location.

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