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If it is your first kiss then go somewhere private so you both don't get embarrassed. Do it when you both feel ready, and a quick peck on the lips will be enough to get her heart racing and begging for more.

If you've known each other longer and done it before, just anywhere, anytime and however long you feel like, as long as you both enjoy it.

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The best time is when she wants you to.

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Q: Where when and how long to kiss your girlfriend?
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How long should you kiss your girlfriend?

5 hours

What to do you'm being forced to kiss my girlfriend's feet?

Kiss her feet as long as I could

Who is Kevin woo's girlfriend?

As long as you are Kiss me.. He is your boyfriend :D

What do you do if you want to kiss your girlfriend but you don't know if she wants to kiss you?

well depending on how long you have been dating you could just go for a kiss and hope for the best or you could talk to your girlfriend and see how she feels about it.

What gifts does a boyfriend expect from his girlfriend?

flowers and a long kiss on da lip

What if your girlfriend wants to kiss you what do you do?

Kiss her.

I am in the seventh grade is it too early to kiss your girlfriend?

Yes, it is too early to kiss my girlfriend

What are the signs that your girlfriend doesn't know how to kiss?

your girlfriend will turn away or will never go in for a kiss

What do you do if you are too shy to kiss your girlfriend?

when you are to shy to kiss your girlfriend just give it time until the right moment or she wants to kiss you

Shall you kiss your sister kiss if she too wanting to kiss you?

It depends on what kind of kiss.If it is like a boyfriend, girlfriend kiss then NO!!!!! if it is like you guys will not see each other for a long time then sure, but not on the lips.

How do you kiss the girlfriend?

You kiss her with passion, extreme detail

When your in Middle School how do you get your girlfriend to kiss?

you don't get people to do things, if you want to kiss her, ask her if she's willing to kiss you, if she's your girlfriend she'll likely be willing to kiss you