Where were Christmas trees first used?

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Q: Where were Christmas trees first used?
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What did the first Christmas trees have instead of lights?

People used candles to light Christmas trees before there were electric lights.

What was the First year electric lights were used on Christmas trees?


When were Christmas Trees first placed in homes to celebrate Christmas?

the first Christmas trees were placed in homes in 1923

Who first decorated Christmas trees?

Decorating Christmas trees can be traced back to the ancient Romans who used pieces of metal to decorate their trees during winter festivals. The first evidence of Christmas tree decoration was found in Latvia, Riga 1510.

What are fir trees used for?

Christmas trees :)

When were Christmas trees first introduced to the UK?

Christmas trees were introduced by the germans.One of the first christmas trees was introduced by Albert Saxcoburg,Queen Victoria's husband.

Where and when were Christmas trees first used?

Germany around or before Martin Luther

When did Christmas trees first become popular in England?

Christmas trees have been used during winter festivities since the ancient times. It is said that Martin Luther was the first to decorate a tree for the celebration of Christmas in England.

What year were Christmas trees invented?

Christmas trees first became popular in about 1850.

Does the UK use Christmas trees?

Yes, Christmas trees are used in the United Kingdom.

How were Christmas trees first lit?

Candles were used to decorate Christmas tress before the electric lights became available.

What do ordaments have to do with Christmas?

Ornaments aren't really a symbol of Christmas. They're just used to decorate Christmas trees. Christmas trees are a symbol for Christmas.

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