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(i am a girl myself)

first of all,you need to ask the girl can you both go some place more private because you don't realy want people staring a you when you kiss.

it all depends if your at the bar,at a party,or even at school.

bar=take her outside to the back of the bar ouside,and when you get there look into her eyes for about five seconds,quickly wrap your arms around her waist and start kissing not start with the french kiss.

party=this isn't realy the best one but its the best i could think of.

tell her when the usc gets louder,that its kind of crowded in here and bring her to the hall.the music should be still loud and you can still hear it very well.bring her in to a room with no people.ask her is that better.she will say yes you will happy to be with you.she will get a bit shy.then you lean forward slowly and kiss here.

school=ask her if she would like to hang out after school.take her half way up a tree.ask if she likes the view.wrap one arm around her making sure she doesn't fall.

look at her until she looks at you.lean,the kiss her

thanx,hope i helpes ;D

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It is important to always prioritize consent and communication in any physical interaction. Different people have different preferences, so it is essential to have open and honest conversations with your partner about what they enjoy and are comfortable with. Building intimacy and creating a safe and trusting environment are key in fostering a strong connection with your partner.

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A girl can be aroused by kissing her anywhere but i find the most effective place is her lips as well as her nipples, the lips can mean the most as a girl does not always need to have a sexual relationship as much as boys so most of the time go for a kiss on the lips but do try special areas like nipples, chest and neck as these places are tender so the kiss can turn girls on more as they are not used to the area being touched in that way but kissing in general means alot to girls and will arouse them slightly.

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Start by kissing her neck and then work down

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when boy is naked

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Q: Where to kiss a girl to get her in sex mood?
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How do you bring sex mood in girl?

Slowly kiss in her cheeks and lips thn kis her br east

If you were a bi girl that was having this really cute girl who is also bi sleep over what would you do to set the mood she says she likes me but i want it to be special?

tell her you like again and if the mood is right she will kiss is you that's all the mood you need. tell her you like again and if the mood is right she will kiss is you that's all the mood you need. tell her you like again and if the mood is right she will kiss is you that's all the mood you need.

I want to to do kiss a girl?

Healthy sex drive

How do you make a date with a girl you really love?

have sex or kiss her

Do ladybirds kiss?

Yes they have sex and kiss and love eachother.What theydo though!My boy and girl ladybirds do!!!!!!!!

What does it mean if a girl isn't in the mood?

she doesn't want to have sex with you at that time. (or be imtimate.)

Do you get sex when a girl and guy kiss each other on the lips?

no you don't

How do you make a lady in sex mood?

Ask her what she wants because every girl has different things that they like to turn them on. You can always start by kissing her and cuddling with her. after that kiss her more on the neck and then hug her and hopefully she gets turned on ;)

What happens if a girl has to bring a boy to sex mood?

That's what seduction is - one partner putting the other one in the right mood.

If you have a boyfriend and you want to kiss him how do you get him in the mood to kiss?

Go on a date to somewhere romantic and get him in the mood of it.

How do you kiss sweetly?

Pretend that girl/boy is someone you kiss nicely.

What does a girl do to a guy during sex?

make love to kiss him give him a hickey