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The Winchester model 69A is a pre-serial number firearm and as such does not have one.

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Q: Where to find serial number Winchester model 69a?
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Where to find serial number Model 1886? has Winchester serial numbers.

How do you find out what gun you have if you have serial number 413586 Winchester?

You cannot find out unless you provide the model number with the serial number.

What is your Winchester model 1897 serial?

To find your Winchester model 1897 serial number you need to look on the gun. You also can take it to a local gun dealer who can help find the number.

Where would you find the serial number and model number on a 270 winchester?

On the barrel.

How can you find manufacturing date model 94 Winchester serial number 4060181?

Your Winchester model 1894 was made by Winchester in 1974.

Can you find out the age or year of a model 70 Winchester?

By the serial number.

How can you find the date of manufacture for a Winchester Model 1894 rifle Serial Number 3581882?

With the serial number that you supplied,your Winchester model 1894 lever action rifle was produced by Winchester in the year 1972.

How do you find the age of a Winchester model 92?

By posting the serial number in your question.

How can you find the model of your Winchester 7mm rem mag serial number g2346449?

The G prefix to your serial number shows that it is a model 70 Winchester rifle.It should say this on the barrel of your rifle.

What year was a Winchester Model 12 serial number 48119 made?

You can find out at

How do you find age of model 1897 serial number 764860?

Winchester Model 97 serial number 764860 was manufactured in the early part of the year 1923.

How do you find the model number on a 38-40 Winchester rifle serial 28866?

top of barrel

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