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2009-02-17 00:05:11
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Q: Where to find parts for an amadeo rossi 20 ga shotgun?
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What is the age of an Amadeo Rossi s92160 shot gun?

You will have to call Rossi to find out.

Where can you find info on Amadeo Rossi 36caliper singleshot pistol?

Blue Book of Gun Values

What is the model no for a Amadeo rossi s.a. 44 magnum Ruko of Canada made in Brazil with sn. m005596?

You will have to find old Rossi catalogs or call Rossi to find out unless you have the box. If you do, it should be marked.

Where can you find parts for your Charles daily shotgun?

Where can you find parts for your Charles daily shotgun

Where to find shotgun parts for a Revelation shotgun?

Modle 101 1380 410 shotgun

How do you find information on a 12 gauge Rossi shotgun?

Depends on what info you are seeking. Rossi is owned by Taurus. The Taurus website would be a good starting point.

Puma 480 rifle lever action parts an accessories by rossi?

You will have to contact Rossi or find one of their catalogs

What is the value of an Amadeo Rossi SA 22 caliber pump rifle round barrel - used?

20-100 usd is a value from the 1980's. $300-350 if it has a round barrel. $500-600 if it has a octogon barrel. I have seen them selling online for this much. Talking about Amadeo Rossi 62sa or 62 sa .22 rifles

How old is amadeo rossi 22 cal pump action rifle serial number g171103 could not find model number?

serial number data not in the public domain.

Where can you find parts for a Parker Bros shotgun?

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What is the value of your Rossi Overland double barrel 12 gauge shotgun?

Rossi stopped importing them. What was in the 300 dollar range now go for 6-700.00 And they are getting harder to find

Where can you find parts for a Western Field shotgun?

Numrich Gunparts.

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