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towards a path

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Q: Where should ornamental tortoise face in garden?
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What direction should rows in a garden face?

east to west

Which way do you point elephants for good luck?

never face an elephant away from an entrance, they are free animals and do not like to feel trapped, always face the gate if in a garden and always face the door in a house. I was taught this whilst in Africa

How many ornamental elephant need to face the entrance of the house?

three mom,2 child.

What way should a garden face for sunlight?

it doesn`t matter because all of the plants will turn to face the sun no matter which way it is facing in the first place.

What do garden eels eat?

your face XD

What is the effect of repetition in the poem there is A garden in her face?

Repetition in the poem "There is a Garden in Her Face" by Thomas Campion emphasizes the speaker's admiration for the woman's beauty. The repeated phrase "There is a garden in her face" serves to reinforce the imagery of beauty and nature associated with the woman's appearance, creating a sense of harmony and serenity in the poem.

Who is the speaker in there is a garden in her face?

i said it is an author but i really not sure

Is tortoise amphibian?

The tortoise, or turtle as it is known when swimming, is an often-misunderstood animal. Most people assume that the tortoise is an amphibious reptile with a shell. Indeed if you were to approach a small boy on the street and shout in his face, "Is a tortoise an amphibious reptile with a shell? Answer me you peace of crap, answer me now! Don't look away, tell me with your words, is it??" then more often than not he will reply, "Yes." and then cry. Believe me.

My tortoise has a white lump like a spot on its face what is it?

It could be scar tissue I would recommend you get it checked over by the vet xx

How did Eve interact with God?

In the garden of Eden, both Adam and Eve interacted with God face to face. God taught them there and there were "in the presence of God". After they were banished from the Garden of Eden, they interacted with God through worship and prayer.

Where can I purchase garden decor?

There are many types of Garden decor that will keep animals away but the most effective that I have ever seen is the One headed Buddha Face. It can scare a lot of animals in the garden.

Where gopher tortoise live?

You would find a wild tortoise mostly in warmer areas like Florida,but if your looking for a pet tortoise go to a turtle farm, pet store, or at daytona beach in Florida cuz they have mini marts that sell LIVE TURTLES or tortoises