Where online can you buy pageant flippers?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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There are many websites, such as or, but a dentist's recommendation and fitting is recommended.

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Q: Where online can you buy pageant flippers?
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Where do you get pageant flippers?

I believe you can order them online.

Where can you get kid pageant flippers?

You can get them on the internet, I think. You can also ask your local dentist about it too, they might be able to help you. If you have hired a pageant coach, maybe the coach can give you ideas of where to get the pageant flippers.

How do you use the flippers in pinball?

It would be really hard to make pinball flippers unless you have a machine shop and you can mold plastic, and if you can you wouldn't be asking here. If you need pinball flippers just buy them online from sites like HAPP or bayareaamusements.

What websites can you buy flippers on?

You have to buy them from your dentist

How much do pageant flippers cost?

You can get things called "instant smile" brand new online for $20. You can get different sizes and you don't need to go to the dentist to have it fitted. You can soak them in hot water to be able to shape them.

Where could one buy a pageant dress from in the UK?

One could buy a pageant dress from the UK from a variety of sources on the web. One could visit online sources such as Purely Proms and Pageants, ABC Dresses, and Shop Fashion Dresses.

Where in Atlanta can I buy pageant dresses?

In Atlanta i am not aware of a place but you can buy one online then take it to a tailor to get it to fit the way you like it to. thank you and i hope this helps.

Where can I buy an excellent pageant dress?

You can buy an excellent pageant dress at a local boutique in your area, or go to Macy's, JC Penny, or Nordstrom for your pageant dress that is top notch and not overly expensive.

Where do i find Pageant judge score sheet?

There are many online... just google pageant judge score sheet.

Where do you buy pageant makeup?

Well, you can buy pageant makeup anywhere... i buy mine at Walmart :) all you need are highlight colors... (shadow) and very light shimmery eye shadow colors, to highlight your daughter's natural beauty.

Where can one find cheap pageant dresses?

There are a number of online websites where one can find cheap pageant dresses. Some of these sites include Pageant Resale, eBay, DHGate. Tbdress and Discount Dress Shop.

What are the answers for the American Pageant Guidebook 11th edition or where can i find them online?