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Check the receiver and barrel

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Q: Where is the serial number on a Winchester 1887 shotgun?
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Where is the serial number on a 1887 Winchester?

Check the receiver and barrel

How old is a Winchester model 1873 serial number 223627b?


What year was the Winchester 1887 serial number 55810 made?


What is a model 01 Winchester leaver action 10 gauge shotgun serial number 33134 worth?

While your Shotgun says model 1901,It is actually a Winchester model 1887 lever action 10ga shotgun.The model 1901 shotgun which was a strengthened model 1887 starts at serial number 64,856.These 2 models of shotguns had interchanging serial numbers.Your serial number shows that it was made by Winchester in 1891.The value of your shotgun is based on the amount of original finish remaining on the wood and metal in a percentage.If your shotgun has between 10%-50% of its original finish remaining,then its value will be between 675-1,325 dollars.I would like to add that your chamber length should be 2 7/8in in length.

What is the value of a 1887 10 gauge Winchester rolled chamber shotgun?

Your Winchester model 1887 lever action shotgun in 10 gauge will bring between 675-1,600 dollars based on it having between 10%-60% of its original finish remaining.The higher the finish percentage the higher the value.The 10 gauge shotgun began at serial number 22148.

When was a 1901 Winchester shotgun number 70177 made?

Made in 1910.The serial numbers of the model 1901 started where the model 1887 shotgun left off.the serial number start for this model is 64856.It should be noted that some serial numbers were skipped between 1904-1920.Total production was 13,500 shotguns including the serial numbers skipped.My records indicate that your shotgun was made in 1906.

What is a model 1887 Winchester lever action 10 gauge shotgun serial 37085 worth?

Depends on the condition. Give you an idea 0-1500.

What year was the Winchester 1887 serial number 14205 made?

Hello, In the year 1888. Bert Hartman

What is the range of a 1887 Winchester shotgun?

Around 22 cubic feet

When was the Winchester lever single shot 32 x long octagon barrel with serial number 9372 made and what is the value?

If we are talking about a original Winchester model 1885 rifle?Then with the serial number that you have provided your rifle was made in the year 1887.

Who makes a model 1877 12 gauge lever action shotgun?

Winchester made a Model 1887 lever-action shotgun from 1887 - 1899. Norinco currently makes a reproduction of the Model 1887.

What is the age of Winchester 32 caliber model 1873with serial 241762b?