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Many shotguns & .22 caliber rifles manufactured before 1968 did not have serial numbers. This would include your Rem. 512

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Q: Where is the serial number on Remington model 512 sportsmaster?
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Remington model 58 serial number152684v what is it worth came with a vented rib barrel and a slug barrel excellentcondition and a faily heirloom?

Is it a sportsmaster .22?? If it is i can tell you.

What year was a Remington model 870 12GA serial number 108812?

Serial numbers by year for the 870 Remington Model.

What is the date of your model 700 Remington with the serial number C6237546?

Your remington model 700 was made in 1982 with the letter C prefix to the serial number.

When was the Model 1917 Remington rifle serial number 597670 made?

Your Remington model of 1917 rifle was made in November of 1918,with the serial number that you have provided.

What model is this serial number 138168 on a 22 Remington rifle?

Impossible to id the model from just the serial number.

How old is Remington rand 1911 government model serial number 1050749?

With the serial number that you have provided,your Remington Rand model 1911 was made in the year 1943.

How do you find out what year my Remington Model 11 was built?

Post a serial or call Remington.

Age of Remington model 4 serial?

Impossible to answer without the serial number.

What year is a Remington 700 with serial number A6626481?

Your remington model 700 which has a letter A prefix to the serial number,indicates that it was made in 1980.

What is the year of manufacture and model for Remington serial number 142276?

Depends on the model.

What was the highest serial number for a Remington model 12?


When was the Model 1917 Remington rifle serial number 635732 made?

With the serial number that you have provided,your Remington model of 1917 wa made in December of 1918.Your rifle was made at the end of production of these rifles for World War I.The last Remington serial number was 646,000.