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Winchester but I'm not sure exactly what model. The Winchester has a cocking lever built into the trigger guard. His rifle had a modified cocking lever that was larger and allowed fast cocking.

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Q: Where is the rifle that the rifleman used?
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What rifle does the Rifleman use?

The rifleman as seen on the old TV series used a Winchester model 1892 rifle,or a reproduction of that rifle.

What happened to chuck connors rifle he used in the rifleman?

>The Rifleman's Rifle was a modified Winchester 1892 .he was called Spike Kingfisher

Were can you buy a real rifleman rifle?


What are the release dates for The Rifleman - 1958 Mark's Rifle 5-8?

The Rifleman - 1958 Mark's Rifle 5-8 was released on: USA: 19 November 1962

What was the three digit MOS for a rifleman in an infantry company in World War 2?

745 Rifleman 746 Rifleman, Auto (BAR - Browning Automatic Rifle)

Could a bullet be fired from one rifle down the barrle of another?

It has happened. During the American Civil War, a Union rifleman fired his rifle, and the projectile collided with the projectile fired by a Confederate rifleman - in the barrel of the Confederate's rifle. IIRC, that rifle was displayed in the Museum of American History.

How many member make up the standard rifle fire team?

A standard rifle fire team typically consists of four members: a team leader, a rifleman, a grenadier, and an automatic rifleman.

Do they still make the rifle like the DUKE and the TV show the Rifleman?


What is a Rifle Man?

I assume you are asking what is a "Rifleman" versus "Uh, what is a rifle, man?" The short answer is that a Rifleman is a man who wields a rifle. The somewhat longer answer... Rifleman is a largely military term, and is still used today. An example is the US Marine mantra that "Every marine is a rifleman." That is, every US Marine has been trained to use a rifle regardless of what is actual job is. Despite what the media has likely portrayed to you, and what historical narcissists who enjoy fetishizing ancient weapons such as swords often think; using a rifle is a specific skill set. Sure anyone can pick up a gun and shoot someone, but so too can anyone pick up a sharp instrument and stab someone. There is a huge difference in being able to physically use a rifle, being proficient in the use of a rifle, and mastering a rifle. That is the difference between a man with a rifle, and a rifleman. A Rifleman is a soldier who has trained to proficiency in the use of his rifle. He knows how to provide basic maintenance for his rifle. More importantly, has at least a working knowledge of how to account for effects such as windage and ballistic drop which are key in providing the accuracy at distance which makes rifles superior to handguns. Depending on the organization and/or individual he may have additional training such as how to use a bayonet; or to provide fire at longer than typical ranges. Prior to the Rifleman there was the Musketeer, a soldier wielding the rifle's forebearer known as the musket. Before the Musketeer was the Pikeman, who as his name implies wielded a pike.

Where can you purchase an affordable riflemans rifle?

If you mean the rifle used in the TV series The Rifleman, that was a modified Winchester Model 1892- which is a rather pricy collector's rifle. However, the Spanish made El Tigre was used in the show as well (when rifle was to be dropped or thrown) and is less expensive. Start by checking with a well connected gun shop.

What are the release dates for The Rifleman - 1958 The Executioner - 4.32?

The Rifleman - 1958 The Executioner - 4.32 was released on: USA: 7 May 1962

What does a World War 2 pin with a rifle on it mean?

Rifleman - basically, your bog-standard infantry