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click the line on the top left corner

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Q: Where is the needle in the impossible test?
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Does an EMG test use a needle?

During an EMG test, a fine needle is inserted into the muscle to be tested

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That is not a question in The Impossible Test available on the iTunes app store.

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Can you take the needle test to determine your blood type?

Blood test usually can be done in a doctor's office or in a lab where the technician drawing the blood will clean the skin, insert a needle into a vein.

How do you recharge the battery on impossible test?

Impossible test? Rephrase your question as it makes no sense. At leas not in the categories you listed this question in.

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What diagnostic test removes cerebrospinal fluid with a needle?

lumbar puncture

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Bananas (have to put s)

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Look for it

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