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the man in the plane is on page 21 down the bottom right hand side

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Q: Where is the man in the plane in you spy extreme challenger?
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Where are the five erasers in you Spy Extreme Challenger?

One is on a pencil!

Where is the "bag" on pages 28-29 in I Spy Extreme Challenger?


Where is the pyramid in i spy extreme Challenger?

It is on the camel stamp on the left page

Where is the ace in the you spy extreme challenger?

The ace in the "You Spy Extreme Challenger" game is located under the magnifying glass on the right side of the card. It is hidden within the design of the magnifying glass.

Where is the whip in I spy extreme challenger?

In the bottom left corner on top of the musical scale and the scissors.

Where is the lunchbox in you Spy extreme challenger?

In the Spy Extreme Challenger game, the lunchbox can be found in the living room cabinet. It is hidden behind the blue vase on the middle shelf.

Where is the spring in you spy extreme challenger?

Theres a mouse trap with a spring on Page 25.

Where are the buns in the i spy extreme challenger?

They are the hotdog buns on the two forks in the middle of the page.

Where is the buffalo in the you spy extreme challenger?

I think it is on the side of the can on the bottom right hand page.

Where is the snail in the I SPY extreme challenger?

The snail is right by Harry's Test. It's the shell next to it.

Where is the bell in I spy extreme challenger on pages 16 and 17?

On page 16 of I Spy Extreme Challenger, the bell is located on the bottom left corner. On page 17, the bell is on the bottom right corner.

Where is BEST in Spy extreme challenger?

In the Spy Extreme Challenger, the BEST gadget can be found on the first floor of the submarine, inside the main cabin. It is located on a table next to a computer monitor.