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Near the breech.

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Q: Where is the lug located on a shotgun barrel?
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What year did Stevens make the Hercules breakdown shotgun the barrel is browned not blued it has barrel and lug forged in one piece written on it?


Where is the serial number for a Fox Savage side by side double barrel shotgun?

You may have to break the shotgun down in to the barrel section and the receiver section first.Look under the barrel section on the flat just ahead of the lug for the serial number.

Where is the breech of a shotgun located?

That is the rear end of the barrel where the shell is inserted.

Where is the serial number on a 1911 s.l. shotgun located?

Check the frame and barrel

What is the age of a 12 gauge Springfield single shot shotgun marked 'barrel and lug forged from one piece' with a 30-inch barrel?

Made by J Stevens Arms between 1920 and 1948.

Where is the serial number located on your stoeger 12 gauge shotgun?

CHeck the barrel and receiver.

How old is your Iver Johnson's model?

how old is my Iver Johnson single barrel shotgun champion model 3578 C with a 12 gauge choke bore barrel and lug forged in one and approximate value .

Who is the maker of a single shot shotgun with HERCULES stamped on one side and 11006 stamped inside with barrel and lug forged one piece stamped on the barrel?

Iver Johnson is most often associated with the HERCULES trade name. *If that statement marked on the gun actually says "barrel and lug forged in one piece" it is a Stevens. If it says "barrel and lug forged in one" (exactly the same except no "piece") it is by Iver Johnson Arms and Cycle Works.

12 gauge choke bore barrel lug all in one is a champion made by Iver johnsons?

Yes, I have a 12 gauge choke bore barrel & lug forged in one by Iver Johnsons Arms & Cycle Works. Champion is clearly listed on the shotgun and it was manufactured in Fitchburg, MASS USA.

What is a cylinder bored shotgun barrel?

A shotgun barrel with a cylinder bore choke.

Can a slug cartridge be fired through a rifeled barrel?

yes a rifled shotgun barrel or smooth shotgun barrel

12 ga 32 inch barrel long tom single barrel shotgun?

Buy Shotgun. Buy Shotgun.