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Try the receiver

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Q: Where is the location of sks rifle serial numbers?
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What year rifle number1841899?

romanian serial number 1841899n sks rifle what year is this rifle

What is value of sks rifle Serial 00000457?

What Country was it Made In ?

What is the value of an sks rifle 0138 serial 765406c never fired?


What is the value of a SKS rifle serial number 18019817N?

50-500 or so

What is the value of a sks rifle serial number 54086 made in china?

$200 - $300

What is the value of a SKS rifle serial number 1724722 made in China?

90-300 or so

What is national manufacturer and value of sks rifle matching serial numbers tb632?

Unable to tell with info provided. You're free to send photos of the rifle and markings to my email address (listed on my bio page) if you wish to.

How much is the SKS rifle serial number 40141 worth?

Around $300- depending on condition and originality

What is the value of a Russian sks rifle serial number nt1900?

Dependent on condition, anywhere from $300 - $500.

Where do you locate the serial number on an sks rifle made in china?

On the receiver. left side, just below the bolt.

How do you determine the age of a romanian 7.62 sks rifle?

Year of Manufacture is stamped behind the serial # on the left side of the receiver.

What is a sks worth with serial number 25001590 and what year was it made?

You DO know these were made by several nations? And that serial numbers are not unique to only one gun in the world? Average price for an SKS is good shape is $250-$300