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"The Hotel" at Times Square is located on 46th Street between Fifth and Sixth avenue. It is in close proximity to the Rockefeller Center, the Theater District and of course the famous Times Square.

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Q: Where is the 'Hotel Times Square' located?
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When was Times Square Hotel created?

Times Square Hotel was created in 1922.

In what neighbourhood is the Hotel Mela New York located?

The Hotel Mela is located in Times Square, New York City. at the corner of 120W and 44th St. It is a boutique hotel located in the Midtown Manhattan area.

Where is the Royalton Hotel New York located?

The Royalton Hotel New York is located on West 44th Street near Times Square. The area is also known as midtown Manhattan. The hotel is considered a luxury hotel.

How many rooms are there at the Westin Times Square hotel?

The Westin Times Square hotel located in New York boasts 863 rooms. The rooms are available at different rates depending on what is included with each room.

Where is The Time Hotel located?

The Time Hotel is located in the Theater District of Times Square in New York City. The hotel has three and half star out of five star rating from the website Trip Advisor.

Where is the Edison Hotel located?

"The Edison Hotel is located in Manhattan, more specifically in Times Square, New York. It's been around for eighty years, and has always been located in the heart of New York."

Where do you find westin times square?

The Westin is a well-known hotel located in Times Square of New York City in the Manhattan district. The street address of the Westin Hotel-Times Square is 270 West 43rd Street of New York City, New York area code 10036.

Where is the Washington Square Hotel located?

The Washington Square Hotel is located in New York. The full address for the hotel is 103 Waverly Place, New York, NY, 10011. It is a three star hotel.

Where can I find a hotel deal for my vacation?

At the Times Square Hotel, in Manhattan, you can find plenty of hotel deals. It's situated next to Times Square, witch gives a perfect view of the area. Also, you have nearby airports, that gives Times Square Hotel an advantage.

Where can Sheraton Station Square hotel be located?

The Sheraton Station Square Hotel is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It lies along the Monongahela River and is located in the downtown part of Pittsburgh.

Where is the Union Square Hotel located?

The Union Square Hotel is located at 114 Powel St, San Francisco, CA 94102. The hotel is located downtown of the city where tourists gather mostly. It is a good spot for business.

Is there a hotel at Union Square?

Hotel Union Square is located at Union Square in San Francisco. The hotel is listed on several hotel review sites and has received mixed but mostly positive reviews.