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By all reports, same-sex marriage is working as planned in all places that it has been legalized. Why? Because same-sex couples get and stayed married as intended. There is no evidence to believe that it is not working.

The same cannot be said of civil unions, which appear to satisfy no one. The numbers of civil unions recorded have greatly fallen short of predictions in some locations. Several studies have shown that civil unions are not giving people the same rights and benefits as legal marriage, which is what they were supposed to do but have failed.

The closest thing to examples of dysfunction that can be found are:

  • There have been instances of city clerks and wedding vendors that have chosen to discriminate against same-sex couples.
  • In Iowa there was a movement to vote out of office the Supreme Court judges responsible for the decision that legalized same-sex marriage in that state. It was partially successful.
  • In New York, some Republican state senators that voted for same-sex marriage were afterwards voted out of office.

These are not examples of gay relationships not working, but of intransigence on the part of others.

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Q: Where is same-sex marriage working and why?
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