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Period blood comes from a girl's uterus. When a girl has her period, the uterus sheds the lining it builds up to feed an egg. When the egg isn't fertilized, the lining, which is made up of blood and clots, falls off of the walls and comes out of her cervix, the bottom of her uterus that opens into the end of the vagina, and then the blood flows down out of the opening of her vagina.

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Q: Where in the girl's body does the period blood come from?
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Where in the girl's body does the period blood come out?

Your Vagina From the vaginal orifice.

Why some girls don't come their period on exact time?

Everyone's body is very different.

Why are women's periods blood?

Because the egg in "there" is surrounded by blood to protect it and when girls have their period, the blood is the blood protecting the egg and the egg is coming out with it for a new egg to come.

How much blood comes when you get your period?

not much blood (a few tablespoons) would come but dont worry about it too much its really normal to growing girls.

When should blood come out of a girls vagina?

when girls a first time sex any one that shuld be blood come out

When girls come on their period can they still swim?

== ==

What hole does the blood form your period come out of?

The bloos from your period comes from your uterus within you, passes through the cervix at the opening, and goes through the vagina out of your body.

How do you make your period stop for one day?

sorry there is no way to stop your period .Your period is for you blood to come out so you need that blood to come out if you stopped your period that would be very unhealthy.

Why does blood come from toilet?

Blood does not come from the toilet it comes from the body.

What hole does the blood from a period come out of?

The Vagina

What is wrong with you when you're on your period and the blood doesn't come out?

If there is no blood then you are not menstruating.

Where does blood come out of when you start your period?

The blood comes out of the vaginal canal.