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Your question doesn't state whether you are seeking a new or used laptop. Nonetheless, the two likeliest places are "Panthip Plaza" or possibly "Fortune Town". Note that the Thai alphabet as well as western alphabet will be imprinted on the keyboard of most Thai laptops. And be mindful of whether any warranty is international or not. Private sales can sometimes be found on the classified section of the most well known Thai expat forum.

Overall, be aware that laptop prices generally aren't all that different from western prices; and the is especially so given that the Thai currency has, for much of 2006 and all of 2007, been surprisingly strong against all western currencies despite their recent strength against the weak dollar.

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You can find a Toshiba store in the CentralWorld shopping mall 4th floor or make your way around the corner to Panthip Computer Plaza on Petchaburi Road

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Q: Where i can buy a Toshiba laptop in Bangkok?
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