Where does the term dope come from?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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A Term for someone who is dorky or stupid lacking knowledge or silly in a Good or bad

way.. so they nicknamed the drug Dope because dopes smoke or inhale it or taste it (etc.)


dope |dōp|


1 informal a drug taken illegally for recreational purposes, esp. marijuana or heroin.

• a drug given to a racehorse or greyhound to inhibit or enhance its performance.

• a drug taken by an athlete to improve performance : [as adj. ] he failed a dope test.

2 informal a stupid person : though he wasn't an intellectual giant, he was no dope, either.

3 informal information about a subject, esp. if not generally known : our reviewer will give you the dope on hot spots around the town.

4 a varnish applied to the fabric surface of model aircraft to strengthen them and keep them airtight.

• a thick liquid used as a lubricant.

verb [ trans. ]

1 administer drugs to (a racehorse, greyhound, or athlete) in order to inhibit or enhance sporting performance : the horse was doped before the race.

• ( be doped up) informal be heavily under the influence of drugs, typically illegal ones : he was so doped up that he can't remember a thing.

• treat (food or drink) with drugs : maybe they had doped her Perrier.

• [ intrans. ] informal dated regularly take illegal drugs.

2 smear or cover with varnish or other thick liquid : she doped the surface with photographic emulsion.

3 Electronics add an impurity to (a semiconductor) to produce a desired electrical characteristic.

adjective black slang

very good : that suit is dope!


dope something out informal dated work out something : they met to dope out plans for covering the event.


doper noun

ORIGIN early 19th cent.(in the sense [thick liquid] ): from Dutch doop 'sauce,' from doopen 'to dip, mix.'



noun informal

1 he was caught smuggling dope (illegal) drugs, narcotics; cannabis, heroin, cocaine.

2 what a dope! See fool noun sense 1 .

3 give me the dope on Mr. Dixon. See intelligence sense 2 .


1 the horse was doped drug, administer drugs/narcotics to, tamper with, interfere with; sedate.

2 they doped his drink add drugs to, tamper with, adulterate, contaminate, lace; informal spike, doctor.

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It's actually a slang term for illegal drugs and for the abuse of prescription drugs. It may be called "dope", either because using it is a dopey thing to do, or because it makes the one using it a dope, or both.

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Dope is a slang term for illegal drugs and for the abuse of prescription drugs, possibly because to use it a person is a 'dope', or because it makes them 'dopey', or both.

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Q: Where does the term dope come from?
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Who was the rope-a-dope poet?

Rope-a-dope is actually a boxing term that is associated with Muhammad Ali.

Is marijuana and dope the same thing?

Usually "dope" is a term used for Heroin these days. Some people may still use "dope" as slang for marijuana but is very uncommon. These two drugs are extremely different so investigat further if you are unsure of what "dope" is being referred too.

Why do they call it pipe dope?

Pipe dope gets its name from its pasty consistency that resembles the texture of some types of lubricants or oils, which are often called "dope" in industrial settings. The term "dope" in this context indicates a substance that is used to enhance the performance or sealability of threaded pipe connections.

Why do people call drugs dope?

Because doing drugs makes you act goofy, stupid, and dopey. It's called dope because it makes you act like a dope, basically. The word "dope" is sometimes used as an umbrella term for all drugs. Other times when people say "dope," they are referring specifically to heroin. Sometimes people also call marijuana "dope," but that is a bit outdated.

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