Where does Scrooge first see Marley face?

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He initially sees it in the door knocker of the home that Scrooge lives in, on his arrival back from the tavern.

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Q: Where does Scrooge first see Marley face?
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What did Scrooge see in his doorknocker?

It was the face of Jacob Marley

What did Scrooge see when he looked at the door bell?

Marley's Face!

What does scrooge see when he looked at the knocker?

An image of Jacob Marley's face

Where did scrooge see the first image of Marley?


Where did Scrooge first see Marley?

Marleys face appears on the brass front door knocker as Scrooges enters his house

What does Scrooge see in the door knocker?

In the book " A Christmas Carol " scrooge sees the face of his old friend named Marley. I am not sure if this will help but I do recall that Marley has chains.

What did Scrooge see in the knocker on his door?

It was the first apparition of Jacob Marley

Who in particular does Scrooge hope to see there?

Scrooge was hoping to see Marley

What did Scrooge see on his door knocker?

Scrooge saw Jacob Marley.

Why has Marley's ghost come to see Scrooge?

MArley was allowed to return to do a good deed and warn Scrooge that he(scrooge) was making teh same mistakes as Marley and the out come would be worse as Marley points out he (Marley) will walk the earth for all eternity in torment for not making mankind his business

What did the first ghost in 'A Christmas Carol' do?

The first ghost (having been foretold by Marley) was to take Scrooge back to his previous Christmases and allow Scrooge to see what it was like for him then and how this changed him

How does Marley convince Scrooge he is real?

Scrooge asks him if he sit, Marley replies yes and does so and then Scrooge checks if Marley can see "this toothpick ". Marley confirms this but Scrooge again speaks of his doubts. Marley raises from the seat and with a ear shattering scream unties the bandage that fixed his lower jaw in place and allows the the jaw to drop to his chest in a horrific way. Scrooge is shocked and accepts the vision is real

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