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You can download it, that's all I know

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Q: Where do you play sift renegade in a full version?
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What website can you play sift renegade 2 gore version?

no se

Can you play sift renegade 2?

I don't it on the internet!

In sift heads how did how did kiro join vinnie's gang?

in sift heads 5 vinnie kills kiro's brother in the beginning of sift renegade 2 vinnie talks with kiro and vinnie goes away. Then At the end kiro is talking with a guy with a gun and the guy with the gun trys to kill him vinnie is on top of a building and snipes the guy with the gun. Then at the end vinnie offers kiro into his gang. first play (sift heads 5 then sift renegade 2)

What website can you go to to play the remastered version of Sift Heads 1?


How do you beat chapter 4 of Sift Heads 3?

just play the hyacked version :))

Are there cheat codes for sift renegade 2?

Yes there are, but i don't know them look on Internet

Where can you play sift heads world act 7?

you can play it in sift heads net

What are cheats for sift renegade?

hold jump key and press action key, you will kill enemys faster. And by the way, WHY DO YOU NEED CHEATS, IS EASY GAME!

How do you register sift heads?

you don't you play on the site

Where can you play sift heads 4?

You can play siftheads 4 at : You can play siftheads 4 a t:

When will be ready to play sift heads world 7?

January 12

When is Sift Heads 4 coming out?

sift heads 4 is now at : or at follow that link : dude that's sorta confusing and instead just go to and click on the icon with the stickman holding a gun or something or just type Sift Heads 4 on Google and click on what ever you see. Also the music is friking great! :)