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at adult sex toy stores and Home Depot. (mostly home depot)

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2014-02-18 17:20:04
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Q: Where do you buy replacement wood slats of outdoor bench?
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Where can you get replacement slat for wood and iron garden bench?

I need 4ft slats to repair my garden bench that has iron sides. There are about 4 slats rotted and I don't know where 2 find them. Home depot is not the place since I checked. thank you, Cris Komons

Where can you buy wood replacement seat slats for rocker?

home depot

Where do you buy replacement wood slats for outdoor bench?

Most slats are 4 feet long by 2.75 inches wide by 3/4 thick,( unless you have a 5 foot bench, in which case they would be 5 feet long), Home Depot or your local lumber yard would have some places they could cut them for you. All you might have to do fancy would be to round off the front edge of the slat that goes at the front of the seat.

Where can you purchase a wood bench?

Indoor wood benches can be purchased at locations such as Etsy or Overstock. If you would like a wood bench for outdoor use, try the Walmart outdoor area, Home Depot or Target.

What wood is best for a outdoor bench?

cedar cause its strong and good

Does Amazon sell a wood outdoor bench?

I am sure that you can buy a wood outdoor bench from Amazon. Amazon sells many things such as chairs, desks, and many other items such as benches. Also check out EBay.

Outdoor Benches?

form_title=Outdoor Benches form_header= Find the perfect outdoor bench for all of your needs! Why do you need the benches?* = _ What size bench do you need??* = _ What type of material do you want?* = {Metal, Wood, Plastic, Other, Not Sure}

What is the best piece of furniture for outdoor living in the woods?

You can get some wood furniture that will look good with your cabin. Maybe a wood bench to put outside your front door like this one.

What products can I buy and apply to my outdoor bench to make it weather-resistant?

You can use a wood sealant to weatherproof your outdoor wood furniture to prevent damage in the future. How many times you need to apply the sealant would depend on how hard the wood of the bench is and the instructions on the container. If you do not want to add a sealant you can invest in a furniture cover.

Building Outdoor Benches from Recycled Materials?

An outdoor bench can be a great decoration, creating a welcoming environment in an outdoor landscape. By building an outdoor bench with recycled materials, it's possible to help the environment while creating a great piece of furniture. Old railroad ties can make a great platform for a bench. Rail road ties are made from compressed wood, embedded with oil. Railroad ties don't degrade, and can be placed directly on the ground. Scrap metal or recycled wood can form a beautiful platform for a bench. Armrests on either side of a bench can be built from scrapwood or driftwood, depending on location.

Where can I buy some wood and nails for an outdoor bench project?

You have several choices when making and outdoor bench. you should try your local hardware store such as Ace Hardware. If you would like to go the cheaper route, you should try Home depot or Lowes. They have wood, nails and anything you would need for your project.

Where can i find a teak outdoor storage bench with a back.?

You can find teak wood outdoor storage benches with a back at Signature Hardware. This business also has an online website which Amazon directs you to.

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