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where to buy sea salts

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Q: Where do you buy bath salts in Montreal Quebec?
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Can you buy bath salts at walmart to get high on?

No- and you should not try this with bath salts from ANYWHERE- that stuff will kill you.

Where in Montreal Quebec can you purchase room dividers?

You can find a Walmart in Montreal, Quebec and buy them there. You can also buy them on the internet or go to some other part close to where you live and buy them there.

Where to buy bath salt?

You can buy bath salts at most pharmacies or supermarkets. You can buy bath salt online at They make it with natural ingredients.

What is bath salt made of?

Bath salts the drug? if so it is made up of coicane cooked with LSD into a crystal which resembles bath salts ( the kind you buy at stores)

Are bath salts still legal in California?

Well of course they are. California is one of the leading bath salt maker states in America. I buy tons of bath salts there.

WEre Can you buy bath salts?

Bath and Body works, VS, Claires, and BeD Bath and Beyond carries some.

Were to buy cloud 9 bath salts?

One can purchase Cloud 9 bath salts over the internet. However, these bath salts are actually drugs that can have dangerous and even deadly side effects. Many states are outlawing the sales of this product, and it is not wise to use 'bath salts' to get high.

You see pictures on the internet of bath salts in little bowls for display but I cannot find where to buy these little bowls. Where can i buy them?

You can go to target or something, or Bed, Bath & Beyond. I see those types of bath salts everywhere. :]

What states is it still legal to buy bath salts?

Not in New York

Where to buy bath salts in Columbus Ohio?


Does Bed, Bath, and Body Works sell lavender bath salts?

Yes. Bed, Bath, and Body Works sells several different brands of lavender bath salts. You can buy these in store or purchase them from their online website.

Where in illinois can you still buy bath salt?

I believe Bath & Body Works sells some beautifully fragranced bath salts.

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