Where do you buy bath salt?

Updated: 10/4/2023
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where to buy sea salts

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Bed bath and beyond should have it.

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Q: Where do you buy bath salt?
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Where to buy bath salt?

You can buy bath salts at most pharmacies or supermarkets. You can buy bath salt online at They make it with natural ingredients.

Where in illinois can you still buy bath salt?

I believe Bath & Body Works sells some beautifully fragranced bath salts.

Where can you buy starry nights bath salt?


Can you buy bath salt from Walmart?

Yes, see the related link.

Where can you buy cloud 9 bath salt in Louisiana?

it is illegal...sadly ):

Are bath salts still legal in California?

Well of course they are. California is one of the leading bath salt maker states in America. I buy tons of bath salts there.

What is White Cloud bath salt?

i know i know what this new craze is about white cloud bath salt i know what it is. it is (BATH SALT)

Is bath salt soluble?

Yes. If it were not soluble it would not work well as bath salt.

Can you smoke bath salt on glass pipes?

You smoke the bath salt "from" the glass tube not on it

Where can i buy cool wave bath salt online?

Try - type in cool wave and you should find it.

Can I buy an electric pepper grinder at Bed Bath & Beyond?

At Bed Bath & Beyond there is a variety of electric salt and pepper grinders. If you are looking for a nice set of salt and or pepper grinders, look no further than Bed Bath and Beyond for a beautiful array of electric grinders for your kitchen.

Can you buy any legal bath salt in ft worth tx?

you can buy body powder ( same thing) at the gas pipe ...all locations