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Though there's some speculation on how Santa Claus's image came to be, its believed to of come from Thomas Nast, an American Political Cartoonist of the 19th century who thought of Santa Claus as a big, jolly man with a white beard.

As most of us know that almost all Christmas traditions were taken from the early pagans....Almost all the images and names for Santa, came from the early Norse tales of Odin, hiemdall or Freya visiting the little children during Yule and leaving presents for the good kids and spankings for the bad......Darn shame not all the parts of the Yule gift giving traditions were stolen, eh.....Hope this helps

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Q: Where did the modern image of Santa Claus come from?
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Where do Santa Claus come from?

the north pole

What year did the Santa Claus come out?

around the 1700s

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On a flying sleigh

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You can find Santa Claus anywhere, any country, any state (ANYWHERE) P.S. If you belive in Santa, Santa will come to you but if you DON'T belive in Santa, he's not coming for you.

Does santa claus come when you wish him to come?

No he only comes on Christmas Eve.

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Yes, Santa departs on the 24th of December to deliver his gifts.

Were does Santa Claus come from?

Santa Claus is a derivative term for St Nicholas, who was born in the third century in the village of Patara, which is now on the southern coast of Turkey.