Where did ho ho ho originate?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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The saying "ho, ho, ho" originated with Santa Clause.

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From Santa laughing.

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Q: Where did ho ho ho originate?
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Where does 'ho ho ho' originate?

i guess this comes from the post code of Santa's address:HOH OHObut who really cares!? santa is a wonderful person who only gives and doesn't take-well, he takes mince pies and brandy actually but, hayho!

What is hello originate from?

it was created to have something to say at the start of a telephone conversation Origin: Alteration of hallo, alteration of obsolete holla, stop!, perhaps from Old French hola : ho, ho! + la.

Where does the word Gung-ho originate?

gung-ho comes from somewhere were i don't know i had this question for my English h/w and i didn't know what to do but if you don't get it or cant answer it its not your fault so just tell the truth and that is you don't know.

Ho ho ho. Merry Christmas kids. This is Santa Claus. Ho ho ho ho HO ho ho ho ho HO ho ho ho ho. Merry Christmas. What do you want for Christmas kids. Tell me now. Come on. Tell Santa what you want?

A cherry

Who is ho ho ho?

there is no Pokemon called ho ho ho but there is one called ho ho who is in Pokemon crystal/gold

What is a homophone for hoe?

Ho! Ho! Ho! Santas laugh.

Why is ho ho ho a word?

Ho, Ho, Ho refers to Santa's deep belly laugh.

What is the ho ho ho ho that santa does?

"Ho, Ho, Ho" is a common phrase said by Santa to express Christmas joy and cheer.

Name three words Santa says when he's happy?

Why does the executive branch have agencies such as the FBI and the EP A? Please help me

Why does santa go ho ho ho?

He doesnt really but because most people picture him as quite big it is what he says HO HO HO Merry Christmas! when ever santa says HO HO HO it means that he can either see a ho or its because he is laughing at a ho because that HO did somehting funny :)

Did the Jolly Green Giant say Ho ho ho?

Yes, I would say he does say HO HO HO. But it's not like a Santa Claus HO HO HO it's more of a OH OH OH.