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The model you are after is the DSG-W610G. Unfortunately, the DSG-W610/G is no longer available on the Sony official web page. One would have to try out eBay or Amazon, perhaps Argos to purchase this digitial camera.

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Q: Where could one find a green Sony digital camera?
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Does Sony make a green digital camera?

Yes, Sony makes a colored green digital camera. The color has nothing to do with being environmentally friendly, but is just colored green. other camera manufacturers like Nikon also offer a green digital camera.

Can I use the Sony HVL-HL1 with any Sony camera?

The Sony HVL-HL1 can be used with any Sony digital camera, not film.

Is there much of a difference between a Nikon camera or a Sony?

There is a difference between the Nikon camera and the Sony camera. The Nikon camera has more features and it is also wireless. The Sony camera is digital.

What are the top digital camera brands for 2012?

The top digital camera brands are Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Fujifilm and Olympus for 2012. The top three digital camera brands are Canon, Nikon and Sony for 2012. The top digital camera brand in 2012 is Canon.

Where could one buy a Sony digital camera?

One can buy a Sony digital camera from: Sony, Amazon, eBay, Jessops, Pixmania, Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Sears, Argos, Very, Snap Deal, to name a few. Prices start from £255.

Why did Sony invent the first digital camera?

Cuz he did

Which models of digital video camera recorders does Sony make?

Sony makes four models of Sony Digital Video Camera Recorders. They are the standard, the HD, the 3D HD, and the projector. These video cameras come in a variety of colors. The Sony Digital Video Camera Recorder is a great item to have to keep all your memories stored.

Is the cybershot digital cameras manufactured by Sony?

A Sony Cybershot digital camera is a fantastic model of a camera by Sony. Cybershot is the model of camera that sony is most famous for. They are usually small profile cameras with incredible photo quality for their size.

Which is the world slimmest digital camera?

Sony's DSC-T7

Is the sony dsc-w560 14.1mp digital camera waterproof?

No, it is not.

What was the first Sony Digital SLR camera?

The first Sony Digital SLR camera was made with the new X+30 series. This camera integrated new technology that allowed for quick photography like never before.

How do you fix dim LCD on sony digital camera - I replaced the LCD no change?

get the new camera..