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There are many places to buy a person a 60th birthday card - including, Moonpig, Clinton Cards and Card Shop Direct. Moonpig is one of the best to buy original, and online for any family members, or close friends.

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Q: Where could a person buy a 60th birthday card?
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Could you give me some gift ideas for 60th birthday?

Cards and flowers are always good as gifts, no matter the age. Get them a gift card for a place they go to regularly or for a relaxing massage. A gift they can use.

Where can someone buy 60th birday invitations cards?

There are several places where someone can purchase 60th birthday invitations cards. Some possible options are Purple Trail, Zazzle, Greeting Card Universe and Paper Style.

Where can one find quotes to use inside a birthday card?

Many websites offer quotations that would be good messages for use in a birthday card. One could also get ideas from cards available in stores, or could simply write how they feel toward the person receiving the card.

How does one qualify for a Maltese Karta Anzjan?

Kartanzjan is a card which is issued automatically by the Electoral Office to every person upon his or her 60th birthday, if that person is a holder of a Maltese Identity Card in terms of the Identity Card Act (Cap.258). Kartanzjan identifies its holder as a senior citizen. A second version of the Kartanzjan is issued once the holder reaches his/her 75th birthday. The number of card holders of Kartanzjan (including both 60+ as well as 75+) amounts to 99,785 as at end August 2010. This Card entitles its holder to obtain certain rebates and concessions.

What is something special I can do from long distance for my grandma's 60th birthday?

Knit her some socks she will appreciate them. If that answer is stupid then just make her a card or a collage of pics, she'll love them(!!)

How do you say happy birthday to a crazy person?

Happy Birthday Crazy Person!!!!!!! Im sure theres a Hallmark card for that.

Where does a birthday card go when you put it in the mail?

If you put a stamp on the card and an address to send it off to, it will go to that address. Otherwise, the birthday card may just get thrown out by the mail person, or perhaps the mail person will think its for them.

What do you buy your wife for her 60th birthday?

You should get you wife jewley, cloths, money, mostly anything but maybe not something that is like for kids or teenagers.

Should you send a thank you card to send to someone who sends you a birthday card?

You do not need to send a thank you card for a birthday or holiday card; however, you should send that person a birthday card on HIS/HER next birthday. Holiday cards should be reciprocated as appropriate. Just thank them when you receive the gift or by phone

How do you sign off a birthday card?

Signing off a birthday card may be just putting from whomever is giving it. There can also be a small note,or sentence for the person who is receiving the card.

What could you make for someones birthday?

you could make a bday card for his/her bday

What should a fifth grade person that don't have money get to a high school person on there birthday?

make the person a card